2014 Goals

Thank you for supporting Raise Your Pints in 2013.  As I'm sure you're well aware, we had some significant success in the state legislature this past session.  Again.  This year we fought for, and won, the right for Mississippians to make beer in their own home, just like Americans have been doing since before the Revolutionary War.  Like I told more than a few legislators, "If it was good enough for George Washington, it's good enough for this Mississippian."  And the significance of this new law goes far beyond just allowing regular folks like us to make beer at home.  If you look across the craft beer industry, you'll find that virtually all the brewers got their start making beer at home.  A hobby becomes a passion, a passion becomes a business, and those businesses create jobs, pay taxes, and employ Mississippians, all while producing a quality product we can all enjoy.  We all owe a huge thanks to our Legislators and Governor for passing this bill.  If your elected officials voted for this bill, now would be a great time to call them or email them and thank them for supporting this pro-jobs legislation.  

That's two "wins" in two years for RYP up in Jackson (going back to raising the allowable alcohol limit in beer back in 2012).  And we're not done yet!  Right now, there are nine breweries, brewing companies, or brewpubs operating in our state, with more on the way.  Over 90% of Mississippi's craft beer industry is less than a year and half old.  We need to make sure these new MS breweries will be as successful as possible and keep producing Mississippi-made craft beer for years to come.  With that goal in mind, we have an aggressive legislative agenda for 2014.  We will be pushing for a bill that will allow our Mississippi breweries to offer limited on-site sales to those at the brewery for tours.  This is a hugely important source of revenue for small craft breweries in other states and literally makes the difference in many new breweries being successful or going out of business.  Put simply, if we want a healthy and vibrant craft brewing industry in our state, we need this law.  

Limited retail sales from breweries is good for all parts of the industry.  Aside from being just a needed source of revenue, brewery taprooms allow breweries to try out new ideas on a small scale and get real feedback from consumers.  They can experiment on new recipes and techniques, creating new beers, without risking a full production batch.  This drives innovation.    

When we started Raise Your Pints over four years ago, we hoped it would one day grow to be influential enough to have a positive impact on our state.  With your help, it has.  We have done great things for Mississippi, and it's all due to your support.  We can keep working to bring a truly world-class beer culture to our state, but only with your continued support.  If it's been a while since you've renewed your membership to RYP, please consider doing so now.  As you know, 100% of the money we raise goes directly to our lobbying work - no one in our organization takes a single cent.  We're all volunteer and proud to say it's always been that way.  So please renewjoin for the first time, or sign up a friend.

Raise Your Pints Mississippi