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We can't do this with a handful of people, and we can’t do this with a few hundred people. Modernizing our beer laws takes thousands of us. The political process takes money and a large portion of the money we raise comes from memberships. If you're ready to help us get these ridiculous laws changed and bring a world-class beer culture to Mississippi please consider signing up as a paid member of RYP.


We offer multiple membership options:

Pint Members (Annual membership) - $25/year - entitles you to a RYP t-shirt & bumper sticker and invitations to all RYP events. Pint Memberships are for individuals only, and Pint Members are asked to renew their membership annually. ($25 & FREE shipping)

Growler Members (Lifetime membership) - $250 - Growler memberships are for individuals who want to make a larger donation to the organization. Growler Members are not asked to renew their memberships annually.


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    Join with a personal check and snail mail

    1. Download, print and complete the Raise Your Pints membership application
    2. Make check payable to Raise Your Pints
    3. Mail check and application to:
      Raise Your Pints
      P.O. Box 1781
      Jackson, MS 39215-1781



    Membership of Raise Your Pints has many benefits, which include:

    • A Raise Your Pint T-shirt
    • A RYP sticker to tag your favorite bar, brew pub, kegerator, guitar case, luggage, unicycle, etc.
    • A voice at our state capitol
    • Emails about exclusive RYP events
    • Advanced ticket sales to many beer-related events

    Whether as a General Member, a Sustaining Member, or through a basic donation, your support helps us with costs like:

    • Lobbying state legislatures
    • Print and web hosting costs
    • Hosting events such as beer tastings
    • Educating the public about gourmet beer